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OMG!! What This Woman Removed From Her Belly Button Will Shock You (Video)

rock like object

A woman in the US who found a strange object growing in her belly button posted video of the rock-like growth being pulled out with tweezers.

Jamie Davis from Oklahoma appeared in a video posted to YouTube Sunday showing how she used tweezers to remove a rock-like object she found filling her belly-button cavity.

“It has its own hair!” an observer remarks in the video after the object has been placed on a table.

The uploader, a friend of Davis’ sister, said Moore “allowed this thing to fester in her belly button for 9 months.”

Davis said the video was not her first attempt to remove it.

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Davis said, “I noticed my belly button had something in it. I tried getting it. I failed. then my sister saw it and forced me to try again.”

It did hurt, but it stopped after a few minutes,” she added.

Davis said she is considering having a doctor examine the object to see if it’s an omphalolith, or unbolith, a growth that results from the accumulation of sebum, an oily secretion, and keratin, the fibrous protein found in hair and nails.

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