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Pastors Beg On Behalf Of Policeman Who R*ped 15-Year-Old Girl


A police inspector has reportedly sent some pastors to beg on his behalf after raping a 15-year-old girl, Mary Udo, at gunpoint.

The incident happened in Akwa Ibom, where the officer, whose identity has not been disclosed committed the shameful act.

Mary Udo

According to Punch News, the victim’s uncle, Dr. Ime Stephen, revealed the story of the strange visit.

Stephen stated that the police division where the rape suspect works have showed no sign of concern despite receiving a text message concerning the incident.

He said, “We sent a message across to the DPO as the head of that division, telling him what had happened, and as the head of that division, we had expected him to have come and apologise, or at least see the victim’s family and the victim, show some love and respect to the family because of what had happened in his jurisdiction”,

“This is a very serious thing – police inspector raping a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint. This is more than robbery.”

“He not only raped the girl, but he also ‘kidnapped’ her for three days, and collected a ransom of N10,000 as bail. What a shame!”

Cordelia Nwawe, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, said investigations are ongoing in response to the report.

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She however stated that the command has decided not to release the name of the officer for the time being.

“I would not like to give you the name of the police officer, but we are committed to duty at the headquarters through our Commissioner of Police, Mr. Murtala Mani. He has waded into the matter.

“Investigation is ongoing and I’m sure the policeman alleged to have raped the 15-year-old girl is in custody. When the investigation becomes very conclusive, we will get back to the press, hopefully by next week”, she said.

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