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Photo Of Man Who Lands In Hospital After 18 Inch Cassava Root He Used As S*x Toy Gets Stuck In His Anus!


A Costa Rican man found himself in need of emergency surgery after he took his needs for sexual kicks too far, Dailymail reports.

It was gathered that Medics at San Juan de Dios Hospital in the capital San Jose were shocked to find an 18-inch cassava root in the man’s anal cavity.

The man used this 18 inch cassava root for sexual pleasure

The 55-year-old had carved the root into a phallic shape and used the cassava as a s*x toy, local news reports.

The unnamed man had voluntarily inserted the 18-inch root, which had an estimated girth of more than three inches, in his anus for sexual pleasure.

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Trouble started when one of the two condoms he had used on the cassava broke inside him, reports.

He was saved by an emergency surgery which lasted an hour. Doctors had to perform some reconstructive procedures on the man’s anus and intestines, but as the rectum was not perforated, the man is expected to make a full recovery.

Staff at the San Juan de Dios Hospital said the man is currently in stable condition.


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