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Police Officer Shoots Wife Dead, Reason Will Shock You (+Photos)


A police sergeant has been arrested for shooting his wife over allegations of infidelity. The police in Lusaka, Zambia, have arrested one of their sergeants, Justine Nkole, for shooting his wife with his service rifle, during an argument.  41-year-old Nkole had reportedly accused his wife, 39-year-old Lines Tembo, of sleeping with a senior Zambia army commander.


man shoots wife dead

Sergeant Justine Nkole


Following the accusation and the subsequent argument, the enraged sergeant of house number LCA132S Army Applo camp in Lusaka west, shot his wife, with the bullets hitting her chest and her ribs. According to a police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, the sergeant turned himself in following the murder of his wife on Thursday, September 8.

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Here’s what Hamoonga said: “It was reported that Sergeant Justine Nkole aged 41 years shot his wife Lines Tembo aged 39 years in the chest and on the left lower ribs using an AK 47 rifle and two rounds were fired. The accused has been arrested and a firearm was recovered whilst the body of the deceased has been taken to the University Teaching Hospital Mortuary.”

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