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Popular Model Bathing With Mud Water On The Road …….Her Reason Will Shock You (+Photos)

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A 25-year-old Thailand model, from Tak province took to a major road in her area to protest about the bad roads, as she decided to take her bath in one of the giant potholes.


Woman bathing on the road in Thailand.

Woman bathing on the road in Thailand

The lady, who works in Bangkok and comes home frequently, revealed that the potholes in the roads slows down the vehicle and has become a big problem. Also, hundreds of villages along the road and its environs further disclosed that the road has been in a bad state for some time.

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Lady bathing with the mud water in one of the potholes.

Lady bathing with the mud water in one of the potholes

After the photos were widely shared on Thai social media, authorities promised that they would allocate funds to repair the roads. Interesting…..what a way to protest and get things done by the government but i’m wondering if any Nigerian would go this far to protest about bad roads?

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