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Prof Wang, A Polling Expert Fulfills His Promise By Eating A Bug On Live T.V If Trump Wins

VIDEO: WATCH How Poll Expert Eats Bug after Being Wrong about Trump

Wang tweeted on October 18: “It is totally over. If Trump wins more than 240 electoral votes, I will eat a bug.

Professor Wang at Princeton University had a breakfast of crickets in honey live on CNN Saturday after host Michael Smerconish asked, “Really, what about the bug?

A polling expert kept his promise by eating a bug if Trump exceeded 240 electoral votes.

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President-elect Donald Trump won the election with 290 electoral votes.

There are things that can happen that could bring the country together, but I don’t think the bug thing is one of them, I just wanted to point it out,” Wang said, after detailing how there are more important issues to discuss, such as who Trump will nominate to the Supreme Court.

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Smerconish, however, said it was time to “put it to bed,” in regards to the bug promise.

After all, I was wrong. A lot of people were wrong, but no one made the promise I did,” Wang said, before eating a single cricket from a bowl of gourmet crickets mixed with honey, CNN reported.

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