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Racism Undiluted: Arik Airline Sacked Nigerian Pilot For White-Skinned Pilot

Arik Airline

An anonymous identity narrates how Arik Air airline sacked one of its Nigerian pilots and hired white-skinned instead of him. The author appeals to Labour Union asking to force the airline to pay salaries.

Dear Labour Union,

I am writing this letter to inform you on how Arik Airline, an indigenous airline, mistreated their Nigerian staff against white-skin people. Arik Air recently sacked a black pilot because he demanded that he to be paid he’s salary that has been owed for the past three months. And after sacking him he was replaced with a white skinned pilot. Some set in the engineering department tried to for a union due to the fact that Arik Air always owe salaries despite the fact that it carries so much passengers. Arik Air sacked them because they wanted to form a union. We are not complaining of the large difference between the chairman Arumemi Johnson and the poor staff. We make the money for the company and yet suffer more than Oyibo people they bring from outside the country. All we ask is to pay us our wages. The economy is hard but at this time Arik is making more money than ever because of the crashing of number one airline of its major competitors.

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As I speak some Arik staff have been owed three months’ salary while our colleagues in other countries like Ghana are paid in time. Dear Labour union I am not using my email to send this because, if the HR personnel finds out I might be sacked. I am presently working with Arik Air in pains. Please come to our rescue.

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