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See The Dog That Drives A Car (Photo)

dog driving
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A dog owner in West Virginia left her pets in the car with the engine running while she went into the store to shop.

Surprisingly, the dogs managed to shift the car into drive and moved it very slowly into the outside of the store.

The vehicle was first spotted by an employee out in front of the store on a break, according to reports.

She thought someone was “messing with her” as she saw no driver but 2 dogs behind the wheel when she saw the car approaching her.

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She then got out of the way, letting the car crash into the building.


Since the small dogs couldn’t reach the gas pedal, the crash was at an extremely low speed, and there was very little damage to the car or to the store.

The owner explained to police that she just wanted her dogs to stay cool while she was inside the store.

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