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See Mystery Tree That Bears Fruit In Human Shape In Thailand (Photos+Video)

People have been left in total shock after discovering a mystery tree that grows fruits exactly like the shape of a woman.

This is quite shocking! A very strange tree in Thailand has been found which bears fruit shaped like the figure of a young woman. The baffling discovery has left people totally confused.
However, it has been revealed that in Buddhist mythology, a tree known as the Nariphon bears the fruit of young female creatures and is said to grow in the mythical forest called Himaphan.
The maidens grow attached by their head from the tree branches. This tree grows at the Himaphan, a mythical forest where the female fruits are enjoyed by the Gandharvas who cut the fruits and take them away.
The Nariphon is also mentioned in the Vessantara Jataka in which Indra placed these trees around the grove where the Bodhisattva Vessantara meditated.
According to Buddhist mythology, the god Indra created a pavilion (Sala) as an abode for Vessantara, his wife, and two children to live. His wife went into the forest to collect fruits: she was, however, in danger of being attacked by Hermits or Yogis who lived in the forest. Although they had acquired special powers from their meditation, they had not conquered lust (mattered the Girl).
Therefore, Indra created twelve of these special Nariphon trees. The trees would bear fruit whenever she went out to collect food and distract the men. The fruits were all in the image of Indra’s beautiful wife. The men took the fruits to their place of abode and after making love to them would sleep for four months and lose their powers.
Watch video below:

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