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Shock as Over 100 N*ked Cyclists Ride Through the Streets Causing Traffic Hold-up (Video)

nude biker
Hundreds of n*ked bikers caused a traffic hold up after taking to the streets of Sydney, Australia.
The bikers wore absolutely nothing and trooped out in their numbers. Some even were seen skating n*ked in broad day light. Now, the bizarre act has caused an uproar as the authorities have been asked to make sure of safety by compeling them to wear helmets.
The shocking footage was posted on Byron Bay Facebook page. The group had intended to promote the issue of road traffic accidents involving cyclists.
The Facebook post read: “Traffic Jam Byron Style – Naked Bike Ride Byron Bay’,
“Naked Bike Ride in Byron Bay to raise awareness. Watch out for cyclists! Share the road!” 
About 2000 comments on Facebook condemned the act for putting lives in danger.
Ben Denham said: “Think it is ok to take up the whole road riding alongside each other and ride straight through red lights without a care in the world. I wont be giving anyone a metre.”
While Paul Horner added: “Just what we want to see – grandma with her boobs hanging over the handlebars and grandpa with his **** *** getting caught in the spokes.
“Could be forgiven thinking there was a hailstorm in Byron with so many naked riders. God help us.”
Daniel Whitehead said: “I see a lot people breaking the law! I hope there were issued fines for no helmets
“And all the people arrested for indecent exposure,I hope all those bikes were fitted with rear lights and a bell and everyone had there I’d on them.
“As that is the law in Australia!”
John Barnes wrote: “As if a group of cyclists isn’t bad enough to encounter but naked cyclists….Arrrghhhhh. ..Sweet mother of god.”
Watch video below:


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