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Shocker!! She Develops Huge Growth On Her Pr*vate Part After Bedding Married Man!


A woman aged 21 developed a huge growth resembling a flower on her private parts after a romp with a married man.

She believes she was bewitched by the man’s wife.
To compound her woes, she is pregnant says she has no clue how old is the pregnancy, and how she got it.

The man died before she noticed the pregnancy.

“I had s*x with a married man who was my boyfriend. After that my privates became itchy and it was as if I was burning.
“Some pimples started to develop and when I went to Hospital I was turned away as I did not have money.

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“I then turned to traditional doctors but they failed,” she said.
The growth had grown so big that she is having difficulties in reliving herself.

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