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Shocking! 5-Yr-Old Boy Smoking And Drinking Can Of Beer In Playground

I am still very skeptic about this very bit— I do not trust a kid of this age can indulge in such unhealthy practices.

I want to believe that his parents probably deliberately gave them to him for a picture and it isn’t as real as purported to be. Even that why would any rational parent subject their child to such insanity?.

The plausible is, it is indeed the truth. The kid was enjoying an alone time with a puff and a can of beer.


Taken by a passer-by in the Russian city of Tyumen, in the oil-rich Oblast region, the child can be clearly seen lighting and then smoking a cigarette in what appears to be a toy car in a playground. The identity of the child or his parents has not been revealed, or whether the Police are following up the case.

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This only means he has been exposed to this by whomever and it goes a long to tell us that kids are quick to adopt. You may think otherwise but this is an indisputable evidence.



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