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SHocking Photos!! Man Swallows 40 Knives In 2 Months Because He Liked How They Tasted!!


An Indian man has had a life-saving surgery after he swallowed 40 metal knives because he liked the way they tasted.

42-year old Jarnail Singh was admitted to a hospital in the Gurdaspur district after complaints of abdominal pain and weakness. There were expressions of shock when the team of surgeons operating on the man found 40 metal knives in his abdomen.

During the surgery of Jarnail Singh

During the surgery of Jarnail Singh

‘When we began diagnosis, we found the cause of the pain puzzling. We did an ultrasound, which revealed some solid mass in his stomach, shaped like cancer.

‘The patient then told us he had an uncontrollable urge to eat knives. What is astonishing is that he had been eating knives since the past two months,’ said one of the surgeons, Dr. Jitinder Maholtra.

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He also added: ‘This was very unnerving, I have not witnessed something like this in my career as a doctor.’Doctors said Singh told them he had an 'uncontrollable urge' to eat knives

The surgery took five hours and Dr. Maholtra said, in Jarnail’s stomach they found the 40 knives, some of them when fully extended were about 7 inches. It took the team of surgeons two days to make a diagnosis and form a surgery plan.

Singh had swallowed the knives because he 'liked the taste of them' and somehow survived the ordeal

The surgery was successful and Jarnail would be free to be discharged, however, that will not happen until he’s been cleared by the in-house psychiatrists, who also invited other specialists to properly examine him.

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