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SHOCKING: See How These Young School Children Were Twerking Provocatively In Cuba

Pic shows: The kids dancing and twerking.nA video circulating online has caused controversy after it shows young children copying music videos by provocatively twerking and sexy dancing with each other.nThe incident was captured in the city of Camaguey, in the central-east Cuban province of the same name.nOne of the fathers of the boys pictured in the video proudly posted the images of his son "showing off his moves."nThe images show two little girls, whose exact age is not known in school uniforms dancing with two male class mates.nThe girls twerk their behinds on the boys crotches, wind down to the floor, wrap their legs around their waists and roll and hump their bodies whilst bending down on the floor in a way only usually seen in the typical hip hop videos of women with very little clothes on.nAt one point the two main girls even fight over one of the boys after the other disappears and he falls on the floor as they each pull at him, in the end making do with giving him a sandwich dance either side.nThe Facebook video has already been seen 7.3 million times since being uploaded and has sparked a comment debate on social media.nOne user wrote: "Those Cubans have rhythm in their blood."nWhilst another wrote: "They are children and they just repeat what adults teach them, growing up in the surroundings of reggeton, what do you expect."nWhilst a slightly more sinister comment said: "A paedophiles dream."n(ends)

Some people have actually responded madly after school children were captured on camera dancing and also provocatively at each  other in a school in Cuba.

A controversial video showing young children in school uniforms dancing provocatively and twerking has been posted online – sparking outrage.
According to Dailymail, the children were filmed in the city of Camaguey in central Cuba, 300 miles east of Havana, it has now been viewed tens of thousands of times.
Jorge Luis Pérez, a father of one of the boys in the video and Camaguey resident proudly uploaded the footage of his son ‘showing off his moves,’ local media reported.
Two girls, whose ages are not known, are seen dancing with two of their male classmates, replicating the moves seen on music videos. The girls are seen twerking and grinding against the young boys and bending down on the floor.
But people have reacted angrily to the video. While Isa Monzon wrote: ‘They teach them, then complain about the prostitution and rape it’s a shame what, but what is today’s childhood?’
Nancy Miranda wrote: ‘And I can tell you that none of them could say their multiplication tables, but they can lap dance. Where are the teachers??? And the parents???’
But Rosa Telon said: ‘Don’t blame the teachers. Where are the parents of those kids what a shame. That is why the world like this. Because of the parents of these kids.’
And Wendy Romero wrote: ‘Childhood has now been ruined with that kind of music, if they were my daughters to I would belt them to make them move. That’s terrible.’
While Sonia Navarro simply wrote: ‘Demeaning’.


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