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Shocking Video!!: Girl Caught Performing Oral S*x in Public Just for A Shot Of Tequila (Photos)

A woman has caused public outcry after she was caught re-handed performing oral s*x in a public night bar for a shot of tequila.

The girl performs the sex act while onlookers cheered
A shocking video has emerged online showing a girl performing oral s*x in a night club for alcohol. The girl was caught on camera sucking a huge rubber dildo in a lad’s crotch in return for a free shot of tequila. Police have now started investigation into the matter.
According to Dailystar, the lass bobs up and down on the s*x toy enthusiastically but the barman refuses to hand over her alcohol – as she failed to “deep throat” the item.
The strict bloke makes her swallow more of the phallus before he finally releases the “stiff” drink.
The girl is initially coy – smiling sweetly as she agrees to play the game.
She laughs as the dildo is placed on the bar – but looks confused as the very willing barman clambers over the bar.
As he sits on the table top with the fake willy between his legs, she realises what she will have to do – and covers her face with her hands.
Randy punters cheer as they realise they are going to see a free s*x show.
The girl grasps the base of the shaft with her left hand, pops the toy in her mouth and swallows.
A video of the stunt in the Killfish nightclub in Smolensk – quickly went viral on social media.
But police have launched a probe into the club after the video sparked outrage.

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