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Shocking!!! You Won’t Believe Who Impregnated This 16-Year-Old Lady! WATCH VIDEO


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As the time passes by, the world gets more terrifying. More and more hideous crimes are being discovered by the authorities. There are some that you would never think that a person with a normal mind would do.

One heinous crime flashed on one of the news entities in the Philippines. A 16-year old girl was said to be r*ped and made pregnant by her father. According to the news, she was taken advantaged by her own father one night of April last year, while he was under the influence of alcohol.

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The woman was from Pagadian City delivered and born the child that was the result of the abuse from her father. The disgusting act was then told to the mother who helped her to seek the legal actions needed so that the father would be punished by the law.

People are enraged with this story saying that a father with a good heart would never do such harm to their children.

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