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So Strange!! Dad Took Picture Of Son In A Mall And This Happens….(+Photos)

Female Mourners' Twerk!ng

Dad was walking around the supermarket with his child when suddenly something caught his attention. Upon realizing what it was, he was a bit shocked. The startled father got out the phone and took a shot. The snap became viral in no time.


Do you see it as well? It feels like the boy went to the future and met with 60-year-old self in the supermarket. Sounds a bit mystic!

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No wonder, this picture spread so fast. If there was such a possibility, many parents would want to see how their children looked after they grew up, but fortunately (or unfortunately) it’s impossible. Anyway, time flies and this boy will soon become a man, and later somebody’s grandpa.

But this photo is a bit shocking… Coincidence? At times I don’t think so.

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