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Strange! Meet The Beggar Who Begs To Sustain 10 Wives And Several Children (+Photos)


The man identified as Fortunate ‘Mufakose’ Nyakudya, was confronted by neighbours who dislike the way he manages the home he shares with his ten wives and several children. Nyakudya reportedly has six grown up children with his first wife, and the rest are said to be toddlers who don’t even attend school because he cannot afford to send them.

Meet the man who encourages polygamy, shares two bedrooms with his ten wives and several children and begs to feed them.


ten wives 4

Fortunate Nyakudya shares two bedrooms with his ten wives

Nyakudya who manages two rooms with his family at No. 4660-58th Crescent in GlenView, Harare, Zimbabwe, has resorted to begging for food from neighbours. Even though the building houses four bedrooms, Nyakudya has a church mate identified as Luke Muvambwi, who occupies the other two rooms with his own two wives.


ten wives

One of the pregnant wives

One of his neighbours said: “I don’t really understand how they manage to live in a four-roomed house in such large numbers. There is a rumour circulating that the pregnancy that Fortunate’s daughter is currently carrying belongs to her babamunini (her father’s brother) which is really unacceptable.  They make their wives give birth at home and recently one of the wives had a stillbirth but they did not hold a funeral or even notify anyone. I heard they put the baby in a plastic bag and went with it to their village where they bury the rest of the deceased family members. Sometimes you really feel bad giving them only a dollar for washing clothes and dishes then pay them in kind because they have to provide for their families.

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There are so many young wives who live in that house and they are always moving from door to door begging for piece jobs.” Nyakudya reportedly attends a church where they hold annual gatherings where they are allowed to go back home with wives of different ages. The wives are reportedly sworn to secrecy, denying people access into their private lives.


ten wives 3

Some of Nyakudya’s wives and children

Another neighbour said: “When Luke’s child died, they did not tell anyone and we only knew that by noticing that his wife’s pregnancy was gone but we did not see her carrying a baby. I heard people tried to consult her and she completely shut them off.”


ten wives 1

Nyakudya’s family sitting in front of their house

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