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Strange!! Top Politician Allegedly Lives With A Witch Doctor

witch doctor and politician

Residents of an Estate in Nairobi have been left in shock after discovering that a well known Kenyan politician was housing a witch doctor within his rental apartments.  SDE reports that no one could point out why the politician is allowing the alleged witch in his house. But rumours have it that the witch doctor is helping the politician just to be re-elected in August 2017.

Everyone in the area got to know about this weird occurrence when the witch doctor allegedly quarreled with some of his neighbors at the high-rise apartments prompting the intervention of the politician who also doubles as the owner of the house. The neighbour was said to have narrated how the witch doctor makes weird noises late at night, disturbing the peace of everyone.

Although the neighbour tried to ignore, he had to speak up when he could not bear it anymore. Other neigbours also described how weird cat noises rocked the apartment during the night. They also noticed that the witch doctor never leaves the house and he keeps the lights on even at night. On Sunday, August 21, when they woke up the house had been vacated and the occupant was nowhere to be seen.

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Later in the day, another tenant came looking for a house and was offered the vacant one. On inspection, she discovered paraphernalia that is alleged to have been used in witchcraft. Among the items was; an animal horn, an assortment of cowries shells, hair and a bubbling concoction. The woman who wanted to occupy the house, SDE reports, threw away the horn and later said that a spirit spoke to her telling her to leave the house alone. Nawa oh!

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