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Tragic!! How 3-Year-Old Twins Burnt To Death In Ogun’s Petrol Fire


A set of twins, Taiye and Kehinde, children of the Oluwasegun family were on Tuesday, October 12 burnt to death in an inferno that gutted their parents’ bungalow in Gaun community in Magboro area of Ogun state. Tragedy struck in Gaun community in Magboro area of Ogun state after two children, Taiye and Kehinde Oluwasegun, were burnt to death. The traditional ruler of Gaun community, Sumonu Seidu, said a delegation from the community had visited surviving victims of the fire in the hospital.

The totally burnt bungalow after the fire Punch reports that the incident happened around 8pm while the family was preparing to have dinner. The first born of the family, Iyanu tripped over a jerrycan of fuel which spilled some of its content in the parlour. While the mother mopped the spillage, the fuel was said to have flowed to a lantern in the house, which triggered an explosion. Residents, who were alerted by calls for help, reportedly rescued Iyanu; the second child, Korede; and their parents.

However, the 3-year-old twins children were burnt to death in the three-bedroom bungalow. Korede, six, who sustained burns in the leg, said his father, Aina, was about taking their generator outside when his sister fell. ”My daddy has two generators. We use the big one to pump water, while the small one is for the house. My daddy had put the small one in the room to pour petrol into it before taking it to the cage that was outside. My mummy was preparing food in the kitchen that time. ”My sister, who didn’t know there was a jerrycan on the floor, tripped over it. My mum then took the mop to clean spilled petrol. She was doing that when the fire started. There were six of us in the house: my dad and mum, my sister, the twins and me,” he said.

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Information reveals that there was no motorable road in the community and the area was connected to the rest of Magboro by a stretch of rickety bamboo bridge. A motorcyclist in the area, who did not identify himself, said the survivors were helped by residents to cross the bridge. ”It was a difficult task getting the survivors to the hospital. We had to carry them on our backs with their burns. The woman kept asking for her twins, while the husband kept lamenting that he lost everything to the fire,”  The motorcyclist said.

The three rescued members of the family were taken to Perfect Joy Hospital for treatment. Aina, a carpenter, suffered severe burns in his legs, hands, face and chest, while his wife, Abosede, a teacher, suffered burns in both legs. It was learned that she had yet to be informed that the twins were dead. A relative of the victims, Pastor Moses Igbinadolor, said Iyanu was in another hospital, she sustained serious burns. He lamented that the lack of basic amenities in the community, saying it made the rescue difficult.

”We took Iyanu to another hospital and the doctor said she sustained 68 degrees burns. What, however, made the case worse was that we couldn’t get across to the fire service because there is no motorable road.  The nearest police station is at Ibafo. This just shows that we don’t have a listening government. No road, no power, no water,”  he said. The traditional ruler of Gaun community, Sumonu Seidu, said a delegation from the community had visited the victims in the hospital. ”I am aware the couple lost their twins after a fire incident,” he said. Information reveals that the case was not reported to the police.

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