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Unbelievable!! Class 3 Pupil Fathers Baby With His Female Teacher

Sources at the primary School, located in the outskirts of bungoma, as well as those at the district education office disclosed that the pupil, identified only as Clement, was expected back in school, but failed because of his relationship with the 22-year-old teacher.

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“This schoolboy has now moved to (the teacher’s) house and they have a son now, but to our surprise the education authorities in the district have not acted over this matter despite it being shameful to the integrity of the teaching fraternity,” the sources said. “As much as anybody is free to choose their partner, we feel this one is somehow tricky especially that it involved someone who is [was] a pupil.”

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The sources said the teacher got attracted to the pupil because of his exceptional football talent.

“It seems the teacher was attracted to the boy because he is good at football, but female teachers at this school have not lived to their high moral expectation regarding their standing in society. Some of them have been married to villagers in polygamous arrangements and the wives of these men in the villages are complaining,” the sources said.

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