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VIDEO: Orangutan Releases Jazz Single To Celebrate World’s Orangutan Day


An Orangutan has been reported to have released a jazz single in celebration of  World Orangutan Day.

The artist is a Sumatran Orangutan named Kluet who resides in Adelaide Zoo, Australia.

The title of Kluet’s debut single is ”Give me a Klue”.

The music Kluet the Orangutan created has been described as ‘modern jazz’ by producer and primate keeper Pij Olijnyk.

There are certainly nods to a couple of classic jazz songs in there,” he said.

I can hear a bit of Pink Panther theme and I think there’s a bit of The Way You Look Tonight as well.

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The release of the single marked World Orangutan Day in an effort to help support habitat protection and rescue operations for the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan.

We’re just creating a bit of awareness about our orangs for World Orangutan Day,’‘ Mr Olijnyk said.

It’s an opportunity to just celebrate orangutans but also to raise a bit of awareness about the plight of wild orangs because they’re in a lot of trouble.

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