Video: Shocking Moment ‘Ex-boyfriend’ Pulls down his Cheating girlfriend’s Panties in Public


The video shows the man lying on the ground as he pulls at her underwear, which is by this point around her ankles.

She is visibly upset as she tries to push him away but he continues to cling on. It was uploaded onto LiveLeak as one user suggested the man was her ex-boyfriend. The poster claims he pulled the stunt to show she was ‘cheap’ because she cheated on him.

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But commenters have blasted the person who filmed the clip for not stepping in to help. Bystanders did nothing to help the woman An American commenter wrote: “Hey look, China is just like NYC. No one willing to help this lady out but won’t miss capturing it on video.” Another asked: “Why does everyone just watch this crap?” and said the person filming shout have jumped in to stop the man.

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