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Wicked Mother Caught Dumping Baby Just 2 Hours After Birth (Photos)

A woman in China has been caught after a CCTV footage showed as she calmly dumped her new baby just two hours after she gave birth to the child and left to suffocate and die.

According to the photo that has gone viral on social media, the woman said to be 20-years-old, was spotted in Wangjiaoqiao village in South-West China, by residents who were shocked to find the newborn inside a pink nylon in which it was wrapped.

It was gathered that the young woman blamed her act on her uncertainty about whom the child’s father is and decided to abandon it because she did not have a stable income.

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The infant was rushed to a nearby hospital by the police for emergency treatment but despite attempts to revive the child by doctors failed as it was already dead from suffocation.

The heartless mother carrying the baby

Wicked Mother Dumping Baby

Investigators who watched surveillance footage from the village discovered that the child was carried across town by a woman wearing a red coat and black trousers who later discarded the bag a distance from her home in a random spot.

The dead baby

The dead baby


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