Woman Caught Selling Human Meat Confesses: My Pastor Told Me To Sell The Meat

The woman who was recently caught selling human meat has confessed.
According to information we reported yesterday, the unidentified woman was caught at Adabraka Market, Accra, Ghana selling the meat to unsuspecting individuals before she was caught.
While confessing, she claimed that she was directed to engage in the trade by her ‘spiritual pastor’.
Greater Accra regional Police Commander, ASP Afia Tenge said on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’Thursday that 60-year-old Florence Appiah said she was instructed to sell meat to make a living by her ‘spiritual Pastor’.
“She said she bought her meat at Makola and was coming to sell at Adabraka market but she was new in the market…she said selling the meat was a direction from her Spiritual Pastor and that it was a cow meat she had bought from Makola to come and sell at the market…,” she said.
The Adabraka Police on Wednesday arrested the woman believed to be in her 50s for allegedly selling human meat after an angry mob was about to lynching her.
The Police PRO continued that the Adabraka police has asked people to be calm until the result of the forensic report to determine what kind of meat it was comes out.
“We only know its grilled meat but it is difficult for the police to determine whether it is human meat or otherwise, so we forwarded the said meat to national CID for forensic testing to show if it is human meat or not…,” she said.
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