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PHOTOS: Woman Divorces Paralyzed Husband, Then Marries His Best Friend So They Can Take Care Of Him Together

In what would come across as a most unbelievable tale, a woman has divorced her husband and married his best friend because she wanted to take care of him better.

The woman called Xie Xiping in China divorced her husband after he got paralyzed, married his best friend, and together they are now taking care of her ex, Xu Xihan.
Xu Xihan and Xie Xiping, from the Chinese city of Ankang, in China’s Shanxi Province, got married in 1996, and had a daughter the very next year. Their life was happy one, and a few years later Xieping gave birth to a healthy baby boy who brought them even more joy.
Howwever, according to Oddity Central, tragedy struck in 2002, when Xu Xihan was involved in a terrible accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He received 40,000 yuan ($6,000) in compensation, but lost his ability to walk, forever.
The man remembers their neighbors kept telling him that his wife was going to live him in just three months, but Xieping proved them all wrong, as years went by and she and the kids remained by his side.
However, Xu wanted her wife to be happy and started pressuring her into divorcing him and finding another man who could take care of her properly. The woman wouldn’t hear of it, though, and kept refusing his request for years.
In 2009, Xieping finally gave in to the paralyzed man’s plea to divorce him, and married his colleague and best friend, Liu Zongkui. In 2012, she gave birth to Zonkui’s son, but she never abandoned her ex-husband. Instead, she and Liu began caring for her ex and the kids together.
The six of them now live under the same roof in a bizarre but happy arrangement.
Xu is happy his ex-wife found an able, loving husband, and gets to see his children grown, while Xieping gets to take care of her ex without him constantly pressuring her to leave him.
It is indeed an incredible tale of love.

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