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Woman Steals Baby After Suffering A Miscarriage In Thailand (Photos)

Woman steals baby after having a miscarriage

A woman from Thailand stole another woman’s baby to cajole her husband into believing the child was their own after she suffered a miscarriage.

By tricking the child’s parents she took the baby and ran off, however the police quickly found her and returned the child to the parents.

The government honored the police for finding the child so quickly and added that hospital security should be improved.

The police have arrested a woman in Thailand who tried to steal another person’s baby and present it as her own to her husband after suffering a miscarriage.

CRAZY woman steals baby after suffering a misccariage (photos)

The police’s quick work was praised by the mayor

34-year-old Suneeporn Sakda stole a baby in the Nakhon Phathom Hospital near Bangkok this weekend.

The police tracked the female construction worker down and arrested her. The police report claims that the woman became friends with the mother of the baby at the hospital’s maternity ward and then used her trust to steal the child.

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She came to the family’s house saying that their baby need an injection and went with the child and his father to the hospital on a taxi. While the father was paying the taxi driver Suneeporn grabbed the newborn and ran away.

CRAZY woman steals baby after suffering a misccariage (photos)

The woman stole the child in the Nakhon Phathom hospital

She told the police that she intended to raise the child as her own.

Suneeporn had previous charges of identity theft back in 2013 and luring a 15 year old minor from his parents.

The police returned the baby to the parents and doctors stated that the child is perfectly healthy.

The governor praised the police for their speedy work and advised hospital to beef up their security.

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