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World’s Hottest Weather Reporter With Massive Bum Leaves Viewers Confused (Photos)

Yanet Garcia
A Mexican TV presenter dubbed ‘the world’s hottest weathergirl’ has sparked debate yet again after wearing a figure hugging dress which left viewers speculating if she had her derriere enhanced, Dailymail reports.
Yanet Garcia is the world’s hottest weathergirl
The woman identified as Yanet Garcia shot to worldwide fame when TMZ and Playboy described her as a ‘girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast.’
She constantly shows off her backside during her weather reporting
She has now appeared on Televisa Monterry news in a nude coloured mini-skirt and is well known in Mexico. However, her portruding butt has attracted attention as some have now become serious weather followers just to take a glance at her. She has faced criticism. Some have accused her of enhancing her butt through surgery.
Ms Garcia, who worked as a model before landing her weather job, sparked a heated debate with her eye-catching look during her latest appearance on TV.
But far from fleeing the debate on whether it was the result of vigorous workouts or surgery, the presenter posted a video clip on her Instagram page where she has 1.6 million followers.
One critic branded her the girlfriend of Donald Duck and another claimed she’d stuffed a pillow down her dress.
Another joked: ‘Sue your surgeon. He’s botched this one.’
Lynette Quintanilla, voicing the criticism Ms Garcia has long come in for about being too distracting, said: ‘If this woman was a true professional she would pay more attention to her job and not her tight dresses.
In an interview with MTY TV, Ms Garcia admitted that her looks were largely down to good genetics, but revealed she always tries to exercise in her free time and often practises boxing, goes jogging and uses the gym.
While she has received interest from organisations from the UK, Canada and the US, Yanet maintains that her priorities remain with her job at the weather station.
However, Ms Garcia has continued to attract viewers worldwide and many have been positive. She now has many people tracking her weather report.

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