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WTH: Man’s ‘Erected Manhood’ Won’t Go Down After Seeing An Unknown Lady!

Imagine seeing someone walking about with one elongated and protruding joystick, tell me a smile will not curve on your lips and let me call you a liar.

Well enough of that, one 24 year old man has found himself on the extreme side of s*x that I am just wondering if s*x would be anyway appealing if and when he survives this ordeal.

What could have been a memorable night and perhaps a start to a sizzling romance has taken a rather uneventful and sad turn.

The young man who trades in wall mirrors still has his manhood erected with severe pains and has had no choice than to call for assistance in the predominantly farming community of Ampoma in the Kintampo South District in the Brong Ahafo Region.

He was then sent to a shrine believing that he would be cured but that did not also work. Sources say it got worst at the shrine so he had to be sent back to the hospital with hopes of a possible recovery .

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It is immediately not known what has kept the penis erected since Tuesday but speculations are rife that the immediate ex-boyfriend of the young girl is the one behind his ordeal.

Sources say the former boyfriend went to a shrine to perform some rituals in order to prevent the girl from sleeping with other men.

“The guy went to a ‘jujuman’ to perform some rituals that whoever sleeps with the girl will have his penis erected till the entire community gets to know of such.”

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