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19Yrs Old Teenager S*xually Assault 43Yrs Old Man In UK


After being seriously battered, the 19-years-old teenager attempted to rip off his victims trousers and groped his privates.

After attacking a 43-years-old frail man in his Ayr home by him and his gang of thugs, Patrick O’Hara subjected his victim to a sickening sex assault.

According to Daily Record news, Patrick O’Hara and his gang invaded the home of his victim and after being seriously battered, the 19-years-old teenager attempted to rip off his trousers and groped his privates.

His victim was able to escape sexual assault bravely fighting off Patrick O’Hara’s degrading advances.

It was also gathered that Patrick O’Hara also threaten to kill his victim if he objected.

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‘If you don’t do the things I say, I will kill you.’ if you tell anyone about what happened, I will kill you.’”

After they raided the victims home, and seriously battred reports says Patrick O’Hara crept back into the house alone and subjected him to a prolonged sexual attack.

The frail man who weighed just six-and-a-half stone was too embarrassed at the moment of the incident didn’t not report the assault immediately to the police, but when he gathered up courage he reported the case.

Patrick O’Hara was found guilty of sexual assault and intent to rape.


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