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20-Year-Old Student Puts Bleach In Sweetheart’s Water, Why He Did It Will Truly Stun You…..

bleach in water

As per AP, Theophilous Washington, of Washington, D.C., a lesser at Millersville College, is accused in Lancaster Province of criminal endeavor to carry out first-degree murder of an unborn tyke and neglectful imperiling. Theophilous Washington, a 20-year-old Pennsylvania College understudy has been captured by police. The young fellow is blamed for having placed blanch in his pregnant sweetheart’s water trying to damage her embryo. Washington has been accused of endeavored murder, powers said.

“The charges are twisted and the intended result nothing short of horrifying,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said in a statement Friday.   The district attorney’s office said the two were together Thursday night into Friday morning, and the woman was leaving when Washington suggested that she drink some water from the refrigerator.   She did so, but after returning to her on-campus room felt a burning sensation in her throat, vomited and called 911.

Prosecutors said police talked with Washington and they claim that he recognized having placed fade in a water bottle. “Washington, the father of the youngster, confessed to placing dye in the water bottle,” prosecutors said. “He had expressed beforehand that he didn’t need the female to have the youngster.” A specialist analyzed the lady and said both she and her around 2-month-old baby seemed unharmed, the lead prosecutor’s office said.

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Brian Hazlett, Millersville’s vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, called it “a horrible, unconscionable event.”   “It is very disturbing to me personally because I consider our students to be our family,” Hazlett said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and we’re doing everything we can to make sure she is OK.”   Washington remains in custody on $1 million bail pending a Nov. 4 preliminary hearing; court documents don’t list a defense attorney who could respond to the charges and a listed phone number for him couldn’t be found Saturday.

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