Boy,5, Gets His Head Stuck in a Water Pipe After Trying to Use It as a Superhero Helmet (Video)

Young children are always mischievous but this five-year-old boy from China took things a step too far when he decided to use a pipe as a helmet, getting stuck in the equipment.
On the evening of March 28, the child from Fenghua, Zhejiang Province, decided to be like a superhero and wear a helmet, putting a PVC tube over his head and becoming stuck, the People’s Daily Online reports.
His parents took him to a fire station where it took five firemen to cut the young boy free.
According to the report, the boy was playing alone when he decided to imitate one of his favourite superheroes.
He had successfully used the tube as a helmet once, but when he tried for a second time, the pipe became stuck on his head.
His parents heard screaming and tried to come to their son’s aid however they couldn’t get the tube off his head.
Firefighters said that they attended the scene and when they saw the child with his head in the tube, they felt sorry for him.
The situation got a little more serious when his jaw had started to swell with the friction of the pipe.
The entire rescue attempt was recorded on film.
In the footage, firefighters can be seen cutting the pipe with pliers while his parents talk to him to try and calm him down.
After half an hour, the boy was finally free.
Watch the video below:


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