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£50-£80,000 Worth Diamond Ring Found In A Gutter, Returned To Its Owner By A Honorable Man


This is a story about an honest man who returned a very expensive diamond ring to its owner which has a fairytale ending to it.On a Saturday night a man spotted a sparkling diamond ring lying into a gutter outside of Nando’s. He immediately thought it has to get back to its owner.

Andy (31) is a consultant. While he was walking back from a night out in Earls Court, Andy spotted a sparkling thing lying into a gutter outside Nando’s. Out of curiosity he reached out to check what it was, and to his surprise, he found that it was an expensive diamond ring. He immediately decided that he had to return the ring to its respective owner instead of flogging it. He said online: ‘I have lost my phone four or five times and mentioned it on social media. Every time I have had it returned to me – it’s like a boomerang.’
Sarah Sheard, qualified with the Gemological Institute Of America and manager of Hatton Jewels Ltd, London said, that the central stone is about 3 -3.5 carat, but she wasn’t sure of which stone it was looking at the picture. The mount was platinum and the stones in it could be around two carat. According to her the ring could cost around £50,000-£80,000 if the stones in the picture were diamonds.

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5 The Facebook post helped.

He said: ‘I was stumbling home and thought I might pass some fast food joints seeing what tickled my fancy and it was freezing so I decided to hot-foot it home. ‘I was hunched up with my head down trying to stay warm, and just caught a glint. ‘I always considered myself quite lucky at finding a pound coin on the floor. ‘But it was a diamond ring So, he decided to take help of the social media; he posted about the ring with its pictures on the Facebook.

Andy said: ‘It’s a fairy tale ending and shows just how much good social media can do. I feel like I have done my good deed for the year.’ After Andy’s Facebook campaign, the owner of the ring contacted him, after which Andy took a taxi to meet her and the relative. On his reach, she placed a London Jeweler and a staff verified insurance records before him which proved that the ring belonged to her. Andy added: ‘She was overjoyed because she had been upset and doesn’t want any attention, but she was very, very pleased to have it back.’ This kind gesture by Andy proves that there is humanity restored and honest people like him do exist.

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