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Donald Trump Vows To Go Tough On Illegal Immigrants In America

Donald Trump
U.S. Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump accused Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of a legacy of “death, destruction, terrorism and weakness” as U.S. secretary of state.
 Donald Trump
Trump vowed to be tough on crime and illegal immigrants in a speech on Thursday accepting the Republican presidential nomination.
Several Nigerians are currently living in the U.S with expired traveling documents. This will come as a massive threat to them as the billionaire had earlier complained about the straining of lean resources in the country to accommodate the immigrants with Mexico being his first victim.
Trump’s 75-minute speech was designed to set the tone for the general election campaign against Clinton, an answer to Republicans who say the best way he can unify the divided party is to detail why the Democrat should not be elected on Nov. 8.
As the crowd chanted: “Lock her up” for her handling of U.S. foreign policy, Trump waved them off and said:“Let’s defeat her in November.” Thousands of supporters who were gathered in the convention hall roared their approval. When it was over, Trump was joined on stage by family members as balloons cascaded from above and confetti blew around the arena.
The acceptance speech by Trump, 70, closed out a four-day convention that underscored his struggle to heal fissures in the Republican Party over his anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric and concerns about his temperament.
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