Four-year-old boy blows up 3 unarmed men in a car bomb (photos, video)

ISIS Four year old

– A four-year-old boy from Great Britain blows up four unarmed men 

– His mother, who is of Nigerian descent, took him to Syria three years ago

– Little Isa Dare was brainwashed and used by ISIS militants to perform executions

– Senior jihadi in video threatens David Cameron for arming ISIS’s enemies

ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing a four-year-old  boy detonating a bomb placed in a car with three prisoners inside.

Isa Dare (pictured), the four year old British boy dubbed ‘Jihadi Junior’

The boy is believed to be the son of a “jihadi bride” Grace ‘Khadija’ Dare from London, who expressed her desire to become the first woman to behead a hostage. A 24-year-old woman is Muslim convert of Nigerian descent, who fled to Syria with her son Isa Dare and married an ISIS militant in 2012. He is now reportedly dead.

At the beginning of a seven-minute video a brainwashed boy dubbed Jihadi Junior says: “We are going to kill the kuffar (non-believers) over there.” Then the man accompanying  Isa addresses the UK government:“You will never fight us except behind fortified fortresses or behind walls. So no David Cameron, you’ve given the whole world more certainty in this [inaudible]. You’ve only done two things.

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Isa Dare, the son of Muslim convert Grace ‘Khadija’ Dare from south east London, pushes the button (pictured) that blows up four alleged spies sitting in a white car behind him

Firstly, when you sent your spies to Syria and when you authorised for your men, thousands of miles away, to push a button to kill our brothers who lived in the West. So today, we’re going to kill your spies the same way they helped you kill our brothers. So prepare your army and gather your nations for we too are preparing our army.”

Then three captives, who identified themselves as Syrians, confess to being spies hired by British intelligence and anti-ISIS fighters. The next moment the boy pushes the button on a remote cotrol and three men sitting in a car loaded with explosives die instantly. Little Isa  is then seen raising his hand in the sky and yelling: “Allahu Akbar.” 

Four men are seen giving confessions before the car is blown to pieces (pictured) in Raqqa, Syria

However, the boy’s grandfather Henry Dare, 59, claims his grandson is too young to understand what’s going on and begged him to save him during a phone call days before he was forced to appear in the first video last month. His mother Grace is believed to have been radicalised online, she also attended the Lewisham Islamic Centre, that is associated with Lee Rigby’s murderers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.

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