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Hilary Clinton Lashes Out at Trump, Says He’s Not Qualified to Be US President

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Hillary Clinton has labeled her Republican rival Donald Trump “divisive and dangerous” and “unmoored” on Thursday, saying his recent behavior shows he’s not qualified to be the president of the United States.

The Democratic presidential front-runner unleashed her sharpest attacks yet on Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, in an exclusive interview with a CNN reporter.

She pointed to Trump’s attacks on British politicians, his willingness to speak with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, his call for the United States to back away from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and his assertion that more countries should have nuclear weapons, and said it “adds up to a very troubling picture.”

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“I know how hard this job is, and I know that we need steadiness as well as strength and smarts in it, and I have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the United States,” Clinton said.

She called the crash of an EgyptAir flight early Thursday an act of terrorism and went on to portray Mr. Trump as dangerously out of step with what a commander in chief would need to do to combat such attacks.

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