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This Is What This Innocent Man Had To Share After 44 Years In Prison! Must Read!!


It is enough to make anyone smile we would imagine, well you would after being released from prison for a crime which you did not commit, especially after 37 years!

Well they do say that it could only happen in America and that is not true by a long chalk, but this one really did. Joseph Sledge, 70, was released after a DNA expert cast doubt over his conviction over the stabbing deaths of a mother and daughter nearly four decades ago. According to district attorney, “the system has made a mistake the wrong man is in prison.”

Joseph Sledge

The unfortunate man was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison for the alleged killing of Josephine Davis and her daughter, Aileen. They had been found stabbed to death a day after Sledge had escaped from a prison work farm where he was serving a four-year sentence for larceny.

You wonder how these things can happen and it seems that it is all down to authorities getting a quick and easy conviction. Another man Herman Baker admitted that he lied at the 1978 trial after being promised leniency in his own drug case and he said he’d been coached by authorities on what to say. An expert has testified that none of the DNA collected in the case matched Joseph Sledge.

The district attorney has apologised to the unfortunate and wrongly convicted man, we can only imagine what the compensation in litigation America will be coming to Sledge for his 37 years in prison! Sledge said he was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed and maybe swimming in a pool.

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