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Interesting!! Man Invites His Wife To Their Surprise Wedding After 30 Years Of Dating (Photos)


An Argentine photographer organized a surprise wedding for his “wife” of thirty years after she had been told she was going to a friend’s ceremony.


The couple had been together for 30 years and already had 3 children, 13 year old Gaspar, Gianni, 10, and four-year-old Gala.

The bride, Mercedes Ortiz, who is usually responsible for the majority of a wedding’s organisation was kept completely in the dark as her husband Gustavo, managed to arrange the ceremony at the church in Sarandi, Buenos Aires, Argentina, without his wife suspecting a thing..


Mercedes appears momentarily stunned before it appears someone tells her she has, in fact, arrived at her own wedding. But she then breaks down into tears as she realises what her soon-to-be husband has done.

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It takes her a number of minutes to make her way down the aisle with her father as she stops to greet guests.
But she eventually gets to the altar where she gives Gustavo a kiss.

Later that night, while the couple danced, she told him:

“I can’t believe you did this, you’re crazy.”

Gustavo is said to have come up with the idea five years ago and spoke to a father at the Sacred Heart of Barracas Church who agreed to the plan.

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