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PHOTOS: Lesbian Girl Marries Mum’s Bestie, Her Mum Falls In Love With Her Bestie’s Ex-husband

A lesbian daughter of a woman has shocked the mother by falling in love with her best friend, but things took another turn when the mother revealed that she was already in love with the best friend’s husband.

Elizabeth married her mother’s best friend Elaine Phillips
This could be very confusing, but it’s all about love. A 26-year-old woman has married her mum’s best friend Elaine Phillips, whose husband then proceeded to find love with her mother.
According to the story carried by The Sun UK, the woman’s husband Gary Butterworth amazingly gave the couple his blessing before finding love and happiness with Simone Manning, who is the mother of his ex-wife’s new partner, Elizabeth Manning.
Though Elizabeth Manning and Ms Philips, 38, had not previously been attracted to women, they say their connection was “electric” and that they are “blessed” to have found each other.
Elizabeth was even more thrilled when her mum got together with Ms Phillip’s former husband, saying it felt like a perfect fit: “Our family might be unconventional but we’re so supportive of each other and we have so much love to share,” she revealed in an interview with the Daily Mirror.
And mother Ms Manning, 43, is said to have cried tears of joy while at her daughter and best friend’s wedding, which she attended last summer.
But the unlikely family’s joy was tragically cut short after Mr Butterworth, 47, died of a massive stroke in February.
Elizabeth and her mother
Ms Manning is now being comforted by her daughter and Ms Phillips, who live nearby in Derbyshire.
Mum-of-six Simone told of her heartbreak: “My whole world has collapsed. I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I’d been hit by a sledgehammer. We only had a short time together but he was the love of my life.”
Elizabeth revealed how her lesbian relationship took off three months after first meeting her partner, when they were sat cuddling on a sofa as Ms Phillip’s husband was in another room: “We ended up kissing. It felt so right and for a few moments, I was on cloud nine.”
Elizabeth had agonised over how she would tell her mum she was a lesbian and in love with her best friend, and eventually decided to text her the news.
Luckily, Ms Manning was so supportive of the romantic union she invited her daughter and best friend to live with her while they looked for a place to live.
During this time, Mr Butterworth popped round for a visit, and sparks flew between him and Ms Manning.
Elizabeth has revealed she has plans to conceive a child with a sperm doctor and raise it with Ms Phillips.
She said: “We’re now trying for a baby and I know my mum will be the best gran ever.

“Having sex with another woman just felt so right and I realised I could never be truly satisfied by a man.”

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