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Why I Made N*ked Statues Of Donald Trump – Las Vegas Artiste Reveals

A Las Vegas based celebrity artist has revealed how he made n*ked statues of billionaire business tycoon, Donald Trump and unveiled them across major cities in America.

The statues were made by a Las Vegas-based artist named Joshua ‘Ginger’ Monroe,
who specializes in making monsters for horror films and haunted houses
The artist who created the n*ked statues of Donald Trump that popped up in major cities  (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Cleveland) across the United States of America who before he started the project, supported the Republican presidential candidate, has spoken out on the reason he embarked on the project with his team.
According to Dailymail, the n*ked cartoonish statues were the brainchild of anarchist collective, INDECLINE, who brought on Joshua
‘Ginger’ Monroe to actually create them because of his expertise in the ‘horror’ genre.
Below are excerpts from the exclusve chat with Newsweek Europe;
Where did this idea come from?
It came into being right around the time Trump was just about to clinch the Republican nomination. We started to realize that he wasn’t going to go away as easily as we all anticipated. It wasn’t a joke. We had already done a piece on him down in Mexico, and we were kind of hoping to leave it at that. As he started to gain momentum, we realized there was still a good part of our country that was mentally malleable enough to believe in his shit, so it was time to step up again.
What instructions did you give? Just a few specifics about the pubic area?
That was about it. We brought the Hans Christian Andersen theme to the table. We definitely wanted to play on [“The Emperor’s New Clothes”]. Switch that up a little bit. We gave him some direction on the dick. Beyond that, it was as realistic as we could make this thing. We wanted it to look scary. And it does, man. It’s frightening.
Yeah, and have fun. Exactly.
Was it timed to this particular day for any reason, or was this just the soonest you could get everything in action after the statues were finished?
We had a few dates we were playing around with. Originally, we were going to try to get this thing off before the RNC. We had some delays, and so we pushed it. We didn’t want to compete with the Democratic National Convention and play around with the media. So we just held off on it. The biggest thing was that we had four to six people in each of the five cities on this thing, so it a logistical nightmare coordinating this one day and, beyond that, the exact time in each of these five cities. That was hard. It took some doing.
Did everything unfold today pretty much as you expected it to? Were you surprised at all of the coverage or with how anything ended up going down?
If anything, it was more successful than I anticipated. We weren’t going into this thinking there were going to be any failures, but at the same time, if you start looking around on the internet right now, it’s a little out of control. In that respect, the coverage was obviously good. I think it’s well worth it. We definitely deserve it. Ginger deserves it as well.
What do you want people to take away from all of this as we get closer to Election Day? 
The idea is that [Trump] is a nightmare we have to wake up from. Despite there being some comedic elements to the piece, from a project perspective, just on a whole, there are a few things we want to convey. One is that we shouldn’t be afraid of him. I think a lot of people are starting to get fearful of him. Personally, I think a lot of us feel, like, he is a little bit of a sociopath and can’t control himself. But at the same time, we can’t let ourselves be fearful of this guy. It seems like this project and the next few weeks are all going to be, hopefully, the final nail into his coffin. He’s on his way out.
I also think it’s inspiration in just letting people know that this isn’t happening. America is definitely better than this. Despite what he’s done thus far to move this far, he’s falling apart, he’s crumbling. Hopefully, in the very near future, he is going to be a distant memory. This is our contribution to that celebration. I don’t think it’s going to be in vain. We firmly believe that Trump is not going to be the president. While Hillary is not exactly this incredible option either, this is just not right. It’s evil that you could see coming from a mile away.

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