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Massive Anti-Government Protests Rock Brazil

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Protesters, many draped in the Brazilian national flag, poured into the streets of Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro on Sunday at the start of mass demonstrations seeking to bring down President Dilma Rousseff.
More than a million people were expected to turn out across the nation, which will host the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this August. Organizers said some 400 cities in all would stage protests.

Rousseff, struggling to hold on to power in the face of a massive corruption scandal and the worst recession in decades, urged demonstrators remain to peaceful.
“This popular will is organized and gaining influence,” said Bonifacio de Andrada, a deputy from the opposition PSDB party. “People will take to the streets for large demonstrations to demand a change of government.”
Rousseff — deeply unpopular because of a giant corruption scandal centred on state oil company Petrobras and because of her management of the country’s worst recession in decades — faces impeachment in Congress.

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