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Oh My! 11-Year-Old Obese Boy Set Ablaze To Lose Weight (+Photos)

11-year-old obese boy

Li Hang, an 11-year-old obese boy is said to be undergoing the traditional Chinese medicine treatment after his weight increased while suffering a rare condition from the age of three. An 11-year-old obese boy who weighs 23 stone has been set on fire in a bizarre bid to lose weight.

The treatment includes fire cupping, fire therapy – known as ‘huo liao’ – and acupuncture.



Photographs of the treatment show the youngster screaming in terror as a doctor lights up towels on top of his bare bulging tummy.


It is being carried out on the boy at Changchun Kangda Hospita, Changchun city, in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin.

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Specialising in slimming treatments, Changchun Kangda Hospital employs various Chinese medicine practices including Baguan (fire cupping), fire therapy and acupuncture to treat their patients, of which seven out of its 53 overweight patients are children.


Li, of Harbin city, weighed 6.7 stone at age four, the website reported, about 2.5 times the weight of other children that age.


He suffers Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare disorder involving obsessive eating, learning difficulties and growth abnormalities.


China is set to have the greatest number of overweight children aged 5 to 18 years by 2025.

The number of overweight children will reach 48.5 million, according to a report released by the World Obesity Federation last month.

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