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Oh My!! 64-Year-Old Woman Sets Shopping Mall Ablaze, Her Reason Will Seriously Shock You

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A woman in the US has been reported to have set a shopping mall on fire because she was upset there were no shopping carts available.

Linda Katherine Poplawski set a strip mall ablaze, prosecutors said on Thursday in charging documents.

The 64-year-old is charged with first-degree arson for Sunday’s inferno at the Dollar Tree Store .

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Probable cause documents say Poplawski told employees she was going to burn the store down because there were no shopping carts.

She allegedly went to part of the store where there were cards and party supplies, only to then leave the store, telling employees the store was on fire.

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The Dollar Tree Store was evacuated, and the flames spread to neighbouring businesses.

Prosecutors say it took approximately 75 firefighters more than 24 hours to finally put the fire out.

Nobody got injured in the incident eventually.

Prosecutors say Poplawski stayed at the scene, taking photos and video of the fire as it burned. Police also mentioned he was in possession of 2 lighters.

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