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Oh My! What This Mother Did To Save Her 3 Girls Will Marvel You (+Photos)


A mother’s love is immeasurable; no one bears sacrifices better than a mother. Have you thought of the countless nights she stayed awake and watched you sleep? Or the fact that she risked her life to give birth to you?  Do not blame us if we speak of mothers in high esteem; life would not have a meaning for many people in the society had it not been for the presence, love and dedication of their mothers. A mother’s role is simply unique; no one can ever understand the deep and strong connection that exists between a mother and her children.

Singing the praises of mothers has nothing to do with tribe or nationality; western women also feel a strong sense of responsibility towards their children as they will do all they can to protect them and lead the right way. Often times, mothers prefer to die in the place of their children if they were asked to make that decision.In this part of the world, mothers always want to die before their children as they cannot bear the agony of seeing their loved ones die.

In fact, the death of a child could send a mother to an early grave as life becomes worthless and void without that child. Women basically live for their children; many endure all sorts of hardships in marriages because they want to look after their children and help them avoid the mistakes they made while growing up. They do not want their children to see them as the enemy as this will leave them brokenhearted and unfulfilled.

Jessica Dicks story will make you acknowledge and appreciate mothers more. She is a mother of three who adores her babies; she cannot bear seeing them in pains. Dicks life changed because of the decision she took when she went camping with her kids on a fateful day. The day could have been a fun day for the kids and Dicks but for the sad incident that happened. Dicks spotted a falling tree and made a mental calculation as to where the three will land. She became terrified when she noticed the tree will fall on the tent where her kids were. The mother of 3 risked her life to save her kids when she decided to put herself in harm’s way in order to protect the children.

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Her undying love for her children was proved when she ran and slid under the tree in order to reduce the impact of the falling tree. She saved her kids that way but ended up breaking her teeth; she had a cut on her head that required many stitches. If that was the extent of her injury, it could have been good. Dicks had an injury in her neck and spine leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. She does not mind in as much as her kids are fine. She said she would rather be paralyzed than have any of her kids dead; she considers them to be her motivation.

Dicks’ love for her daughters is so strong she said she will rather sit down in a wheel chair all her life and watch them live a normal life rather than sitting in the hospital with any of them. This woman is considered to be brave and adorable. This story will move you to compassion!

See the pictures of this adorable mother of 3 who risked her life to save her kids:

1. Jessica

see how mother of 3 risked her life to save her kids

A mother’s love for her kids is unconditional.

2. The fallen tree

see how mother of 3 risked her life to save her kids

It must have been a terrible accident.

3. Confined to a wheel chair

see how mother of 3 risked her life to save her kids

Dick took a life changing decision, she does not mind being on the wheelchair so far her girls are safe.

4. Jessica Dicks’ lovely daughters

see how mother of 3 risked her life to save her kids

She has gotten three beautiful kids that are worth fighting for.

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