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Oh No! Married UK Politician Resigns After Begging For Foursome With Male Prostitutes And S*x Drugs (Photos+Chats)
A married UK member of Parliament and father of two has resigned from his role after photos and chats revealed he bedded male prostitutes and begged for s*x drugs.

Keith Vaz MP
A Married Labour MP has been urged to resign as chief of a vice committee of a UL Parliament after allegedly being caught paying young men for s*x and asking them to bring the s*x-drug poppers to his flat.
Father-of-two, Keith Vaz MP has stood down from the chairmanship of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is overseeing a major shake-up of prostitution laws.
59-year-old Vaz, was caught begging for a foursome as he met two Eastern European male prostitutes for sex eight days ago. He reportedly told escorts visiting him at a London flat “we need to get this party started”.
The MP of Leicester East and his wife
In a series of texts printed in the Sunday Mirror, he allegedly asked the men to bring the s*x-enhancing drugs, poppers to the meeting.
The MP for Leicester East since 1987 has referred the allegations to his solicitor and claimed that he has been the victim of a sting operation. He paid the men in cash following the meeting at a flat close to his Edgware home.
Mr Vaz, who has previously said he is “not convinced” men who pay for s*x should face prosecution, has not stood down as an MP and is waiting to see how much support he has from colleagues.
It was also claimed that Mr Vaz tried to hide his identity from two male escorts by claiming to be an industrial washing machine salesman called Jim, and that at least two meetings with the escorts.
Mr Vaz on his way to the s*x romp
During the first, which lasted for 90 minutes, on August 27 he reportedly offered to cover the cost of cocaine, if it was brought to the flat.
Although, the former Minister for Europe said he did not want any for himself. He allegedly also texted an escort saying “try to pick up some poppers”. Poppers are not illegal and are commonly used as a s*x-drug.
On the day of the meeting, the escort sent a text to say he was buying the s*x drug to which the MP allegedly responded “great”.
Later, when he was told another escort would join them, Mr Vaz allegedly texted: “How will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together. Does he like poppers. Does he speak English.”
Later in the encounter, the older escort asked Mr Vaz “what do you want?” to which he allegedly replied “You. I’m getting very horny”.
During the meeting Mr Vaz reportedly told the younger escort: “Take your shirt off. I’m going to attack you.”
Mr Vaz was allegedly keen for a third escort to join them – examining pictures on dating app Grindr and speaking about a foursome.
During the s*x romp
Shortly before the sexual encounter Mr Vaz told the men about an escort they knew. The paper claims he said:“He was OK. He forgot the condom though. I had to f*** him without a condom.”
When asked how he knew the escort had been clear of s*xually transmitted diseases Mr Vaz reportedly replied “I don’t know”.
Asked by the men if he wanted to use a condom this time Mr Vaz allegedly responded “no”.
It was also reported that the MP joked of the older escort “I feel as if I’m his bank manager. Or his mother. He treats me very badly”.
In a statement last night Mr Vaz said: “I am genuinely sorry for the hurt and distress that has been caused by my actions in particular to my wife and children.
“I will be informing the committee on Tuesday of my intention to stand aside from chairing the sessions of the committee with immediate effect.”
Culled from: The Sun UK

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