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Oh My! You’re A Shameless Man, Angry Wife Beats Husband In Public After Catching Him Cheating With Their Daughter-in-Law (Video/Photo)

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A woman has disgraced her husband in public after attacking and beating him for cheating with their daughter-in-law.

An angry wife shocked many people by beating her husband in public after catching him cheating with their daughter-in-law.

The incident happened after the woman caught them at a car park of a Chinese city as she went to find her spouse together with their son.beating-cheating

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According to Dailymail, the woman could be heard in the video uploaded on October 21, shouting ‘you’re shameless’ as she attacked the man and his alleged mistress.

The video has became popular on different Chinese media platforms including It has attracted 29 million views so far.

Watch video below:


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