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OMG! Young Girl Caught Swimming With Huge 8-Year-Old Pet Python In A Pool (Photo/Video)

A girl has been caught on camera swimming in the same pool with a really huge snake startling viewers.

This is the video that has stunned viewers recently.
It shows a young girl swimming in a pool with a huge snake.
The video was shared by a California pet owner. The young girl is actually his daughter and she is seen swimming with the family’s favorite pet, an 8-year-old albino Burmese python.
The video, posted to YouTube by Corey Wallace, shows the man’s young daughter swimming in a backyard pool with Sumatra, the family’s giant Burmese python.
The girl touches and holds the snake during her swim, showing off its docile nature.
“She has been to over 500 birthday parties and many schools, she has been around kids since she was a baby,”Wallace wrote in the video’s description.
He said the python does not accept live food.
“She has never killed anything she even likes our dogs and cat,” he wrote.
The video was filmed in 2014, but only went viral this week.
Watch the footage below:

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