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Overzealous Fan Looking For Actress To Propose To her (Photos)


An overzealous fan is reportedly on the hunt for Hilary Duff, and it has nothing to do with an autograph.


Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff

TMZ reports that Beverly Hill police have warned the actress and her team of a fan who is bent on proposing to her.

Law enforcement sources have reportedly revealed that the drama had begun after the unidentified individual hired a limo driver, carrying a photo of one of Duff’s houses even though he did not know the address.

The fan went on to guide the driver in an endless search for the next two hours, all the while speaking of his intent to marry Duff.

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The concerned chauffeur allegedly called the cops, relating his experience to them, who in turn reached out to Duff’s team.

Hillary Duff

 TMZ also reports that Duff’s team know the man in question and have had run-ins with him in the past but that the actress is yet to file for a restraining order.

This just might be the best time to file for a restraining order apart from beefing up security details.


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