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PHOTOS: This Baby Was Born With Bizarre Birthmark On Her Forehead!!

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 A woman has given birth to a daughter who happened to have a weird streak of white hair. 


Evidently, this is a hereditary trait as the baby’s mother and grandmother both have this unique birthmark that turns their hair white. The baby is reportedly the fourth generation in the family to inherit this unusual trait.


23-year-old Brianna Worthy and her 18-month-old daughter, MilliAnna were born with this streak of white hair.


The condition is known as poliosis. This happens when a patch of hair and area of skin has no pigment. It can lead to a bleached look.


Baby MilliAnna, her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all possess this trait.


Brianna explained that she is constantly being stopped by strangers who had questions on how the hair situation came to be.


She also added that she was bullied as a child but had grown to love it. She hopes to instill that sense of self-love in her baby.

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