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PHOTOS: Meet The Human Male Doll Who Just Had A Hair Transplant After 45 Plastic Surgeries
After undergoing up to 45 plastic surgeries, the Human Ken Doll has undergone yet another hair transplant to restore his locks after spending eight hours having at a cost of $15,000.

Rodrigo Alves known as the Human Ken Doll
Brazilian-born Londoner, Ken Rodrigo Alves popularly known as the Human Male Doll, has just spent 8 hours having hair implants at a cost of $15,000 (£11,000) as he underwent the procedure in LA, after stress caused him to lose 30% of his hair.
According to a report by Dailymail, Ken’s latest treatment brings the 33-year-old’s number of cosmetic procedures to 45.
Rodrigo having his hair transplant performed by Dr John Kahen in Beverly Hills
It was gathered that sometime last month, he announced that he was quitting plastic surgery after his face was nearly destroyed when his 7th nose job went drastically wrong. His body rejected the nose and he suffered necrosis, where the flesh withers and dies, and recently underwent a seventh rhinoplasty surgery to fix the damage to his face.
In an exlusive interview with FeMail, said; ‘Due to the stress faced in my last few months I lost 30 per cent of my hair and I decided to have hair implants with stem cells performed by Dr John Kahen in Beverly Hills.
‘It was a eight hour procedure under local anaesthesia. It doesn’t hurt as such. It felt more like pins and needles in my head and a crackling sound at each time the doctor made a hole to implant another hair. The pain rate from one to ten I would give it three,’ he said.
He insists that he won’t have plastic surgery after his seventh nose job went wrong, but had no intention of giving up aesthetic treatments.
‘My body needs a break after so many surgeries one after the other. But I’m totally pro aesthetic procedures that be replace plastic surgery and can still improve my life style,’ he said.

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